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Hi Friends!

Please join me in welcoming Tony Consolino, from Orlando Florida to our community. He will be taking on a large portion of the adult group training programs. Here are the monthly announcements!

Adult Group Training Membership

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  • $99 1-Month  ***SIGN-UP***

  • $249 3-Month   ***SIGN-UP***

Swing Assessment with

Tony Consolino

Many of you have worked with Tony in a group setting and asked about personal swing assessments. Here you go! They are 1 hour in length and will cover the needs in your golf game. To book a $50 assessment please.... ***SIGN-UP***

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Social New & Events

Rory Doll Golf Academy @ Dairy Creek Golf Course

Dairy Creek is on the Rory Doll Golf Academy Team!

New practice facilities are coming soon! 

Call for more information 805-748-4094

Adult Group Training Membership